Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development Cell aims at promoting professional human resource management in the Laboratory by evolving a holistic human resource development plan under CSIR system.

The HRD cell has the following goals:

 Defining/developing laboratory's HR vision, objectives & goals; 

 Maintaining database of laboratory's existing HR and working out a plan of current / future HR requirements of the Laboratory;

 Analyzing role and jobs to determine tasks, duties & responsibilities for each level of staff;

 Undertaking competence mapping in the laboratory;

 IAssessing laboratory specific training needs and designing, developing & organizing training programmes to meet these training needs;

 Managing/organizing linkages/networking with other organizations/agencies/ academic institutions for HR development;

 Organizing customized/sponsored vocational/professional/educational training programme;

Interacting and coordinating with HRD-CSIR.
Major Programme:

 Induction/Orientation training programmes for freshly recruited scientists and newly recruited/promoted officers in administration, finance, purchase cadres. 

 Management skills development training programmes for leadership, team working, change management for senior staff.

 Refresher functional skills training programmes for scientists, administrative, finance and purchase personnel. Ongoing Programme:

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