June 12, 2018

    I have taken over as the Director of CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (IMMT) about four months back. CSIR-IMMT has been engaged in nation building ever since it has come into existence 1964 with a mandate to carry out transitional research, help industry grow in terms scale and newer products, niche basic science where India still requires understanding before taking commercial activities, propagate research culture in the country, disseminate knowledge and training of man power. The state of Odisha and adjoining states are rich in huge mineral deposits. With India’s growth projected about 7% and more in the coming years and as the metal requirement will go up, it is a great opportunity for this region to exploit mineral deposits to give final marketable raw metal to finish products using flowsheet which ensures minimum environmental damage. After visiting all the departments of the Institute and seeing excellent lab facilities and the challenging work taken up on various projects, e.g., iron ore palletisation, reduction roasting, red mud processing for further valuables extraction, potential phosphate fertilizer from LD slag, polymetallic nodule extraction, rare earth element extraction, functional coating technology, slurry transport and stacking, we should not be self-contained. Sky is the limit! I have met so many young minds in last four months, that I strongly believe future is bright. For this, we need to work hard 24X7 mode to find solution to above problems backed up by experienced Scientists and with the recruitment of new Scientists and Technical staff. There are many initiatives already taken up towards this end. CSIR has just initiated cross lab thematic area research. We have been graded A++ and A+ in many mining, minerals, metals, materials (4M) projects by the experts. CSIR-IMMT is working to submit proposals to create Centre of Excellence on ‘Waste to Wealth’, which is of paramount importance as heap of red mud and LD slag are being generated every day in metallurgical industries. What about scrap metals! We require technology to process them to give valuable products. We are working with NALCO to establish NALCO-IMMT Centre of Excellence on Aluminium R&D, which will be dedicated to solving problems across the entire value chain of Aluminium production starting from extraction to development of value added products and waste management, in collaboration with the R&D centre of NALCO at Bhubaneswar.

    Initiatives are taken for the welfare of CSIR-IMMT community. We have taken number of steps to keep the colony area clean, renovate Guest House, putting signages, lighting the campus, renovating girl’s hostel, building new hostel for students and project assistants, visiting Scientists apartment, and expansion of staff club facilities, Canteen facility with better services.

Thanking you,

Prof. Suddhasatwa Basu
Director, CSIR-IMMT