Sexual Harassment Committee

Scope of Sexual Harassment Committee:

The Committee shall enquiry into complaints of sexual harassment at CSIR-IMMT under proviso to rule 14(2) of CCS(CCA) Rules,1965 .

Committee Members:

SL NO. Name Designation
1 Dr.(Ms.) Swati Mohanty, Chief Scientist Presiding Officer
2 Dr. (Mrs.) Kadambini Sarangi, Sr. Principal Scientist Member
3 Dr. R. Sakthivel, Sr. Principal Scientist Member
4 Dr. M.K. Ghosh, Sr. Principal Scientist Member
5 Dr. Nilotpala Pradhan, Sr. Scientist Member
6 Mr. C.M. Tudu, Section Officer Member
7 Mrs Sneha Mishra, Sceretary Aaina, NGO Member
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