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News & Events »National Conference on Industrial Coatings (NCIC-2019) (24th - 25th Jan 2019)

National Conference on Industrial Coatings (NCIC-2019) (24th - 25th Jan 2019)

Engineering components usually fail when their surface cannot adequately withstand the external forces or environment to which they are subjected. The choice of a surface material with the appropriate thermal, optical, magnetic and electrical properties and sufficient resistance to wear, corrosion and degradation, is crucial to its functionality. Sometimes technological progress and manufacturing efficiency may be constrained solely by surface requirements. So, coating and surface engineering is of great industrial importance for broad range of applications including aerospace, medical, biomedical, orthopedics, dentistry, mechanical and manufacturing, electronics, chemical, metallurgical, oil & gas, construction, mining, energy, cosmetic, optical, offshore operations, machine tools, sport, transport, food and packaging, agriculture, power generation, and renewable energy, solar & hydrogen. Coatings are used to improve corrosion protection, abrasion and wear resistance, decorative purposes, hardness, optical or thermal reflectivity, electrical conductivity, oil retention, solderability, thermal conductivity, etc.

So a National Conference on Industrial Coating (NCIC-2019) was organized at CSIR-IMMT Bhubaneswar during 24-25th January 2019. About 70 delegates from different industries, research institutes and academic institutes participated in the conference. Prof. S. Basu, Director IMMT presided over the function. Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali, Distinguished Scientist and Chairman & Chief Executive of Heavy Water Board (HWB), an industrial unit of the Department of Atomic Energy, was the Chief Guest of the function. Shri P.C. Chaubey, Executive Director, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, was present as the Chief Guest at the valedictory function.