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News & Events »BRNS – AEACI Thirteen School on Analytical Chemistry (SAC- 13) organised at CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar

BRNS – AEACI Thirteen School on Analytical Chemistry (SAC- 13) 23rd – 30th April 2018


CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (IMMT), Bhubaneswar has organised an eight-day programme( 23rd April to 30th April, 2018) on the “School of Analytical Chemistry” in association with Association of Environmental Analytical chemistry” AEACI starting today. The event is jointly organised by Hydro and Elcetrometallurgy Dept, CSIR-IMMT and analytical chemistry Division, BARC, Mumbai.

This comprehensive training course aimed at educating Ph.D scholar and junior faculty in the field of analytical instrumentation and their application in R&D, methods of element speciation, multi methods for the simultaneous analysis of many analytes, statistical error Limits of Detection and Calibration, needed for accreditation, audits, technical requirements, Quality system Procedure, lab personnel, data reporting and storing, lab equipment (QA and QC),calibration, and lab monitoring guidelines etc. It was specifically directed towards to provide a platform for multidimensional researcher for sharing the subject knowledge and in the implementation of the analytical techniques to simplify their research. In total, 61 participants from all over the country joined the course. P.D. Naik, Director Chemistry Group, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Mumbai, told, “Laser based absorption techniques for pollutant measurement”. While addressing the gatherings, Dr. R.K.Singhal, Head, Analytical chemistry division, BARC, Mumbai, explained about the theme and scope of the event on analytical chemistry. Prof. H. Basu, expressed his view about the importance of nurture the younger researcher in the area of analytical chemistry. All theoretical background of the various analytical instruments have been presented by experienced faculties of BARC, NCCM, AMD, KIIT and IMMT which was compiled in a and handed out to all participants. Laboratory work is designed by IMMT sides and hands on demonstrations on analysis and characterisation using ICP-OES, ICP-MS, AAS, UV-VIS-NIR, Surface area, RAMAN, TG-DSC, IR, SEM, XRD were shown in the afternoon session. Participants also got an opportunity to ask the trainers specific questions and in exchange discuss different laboratory techniques used in their own laboratories, discuss problems etc. At the end of the course, all participants appeared exam and gave seminar presentation on the topic covered during the school. Both oral and written feedback were collected, the analysis of which affirmed the success of the school in having given the basis for the understanding of analytical equipment and their demonstration. The valedictory lecture is given by Director CSIR-IMMT enlightened advance electroanalytical techniques in niche area of energy research and the lecture given by Prof B.N Jagtap, distinguished Scientist and previous Director of Chemistry Group, BARC elaborated how to choose perfect research area considering available techniques and environments. He appreciated the effort of organizer for conducting this type of platform for research scholar, academician and chemists. The awards for best student in the school, best seminar presentation and best seminar presentator along with participation certificates are distributed. The organiser is also handed over a certificate of appreciation to CSIR-IMMT and certificate of appreciation to all demonstrators from IMMT sides.