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News & Events »National Conference on Waste to Wealth in Mineral and Metallurgical Industries

National Conference on Waste to Wealth in Mineral and Metallurgical Industries 09th-10th March 2018


Waste to Wealth is about creating economic benefits out of what was traditionally regarded as waste. Generation of waste is inevitable in all industrial processes. Each industry is unique in its waste generation spectrum. The waste generated from metallurgical industries (Slag, Red Mud, etc.) and those from minerals industries (Overburden, slime, low grade ores etc.) are accumulating over years and causing serious threat to environment. Therefore, waste management and waste treatment are very important measures during mining, extraction, refining and production, beneficiation, tailing or waste disposal, site reclamation and mining closure. In the background of rising energy costs, scarcity of resources and deterioration of ecological systems, innovative mechanisms to shape waste into useful ingredients (energy and other useful products) represent an appealing solution to several pressing problems and there are continuous efforts worldwide in this direction.

With this in background The Indian Institute of Metals, Bhubaneswar Chapter and CSIR-Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology, having common involvement in metallurgy and metallurgical practices, have joined together to organize a National conference on Waste to Wealth in Mineral and Metallurgical Industries WWMMI-2018 to discuss on various aspects of waste utilization in metallurgical and minerals industries. The Seminar aims at providing interdisciplinary platform for presentation of advanced and innovative research results and concepts in the fields of waste utilization, recycling, management and environmental technology through contributed papers and invited lectures. The conference will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world.

The Conference was successfully held during 09th-10th March 2018. Click here to visit the website for more details.