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News & Events » Inaugration of Constructed Wet Land in CRPF, Bhubaneswar

Inaugration of Constructed Wet Land in CRPF, Bhubaneswar on 18th June 2015

Constructed wetlands are a sustainable wastewater treatment process for mildly polluted waste water like sewege. It is one of the technologies which can be highly appropriate for Indian situation and have potential of replacing costly convential treatment plants. Based on wastewater flow regime, subsurface flow constructed wetlands have emerged as efficient and suitable choice for sewege treatment. A very experienced research group at CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar is active in this feild and running a subsurface flow constructed wetlands for treating combined municipal and canteen wastewater for their premises in Bhubaneswar. The above said constructed wetlands are perfect example of passive treatment which doesn't require any mechanical and electrical machineries and chemical dosing for treatment of wastewater. This characteristic of constructed wetlands makes it very appropriate for wastewater treatment in Indian context.

We have constructed a pilot scale constructed wetland in CRPF Bhubaneswar campus. It took more than a month to construct it. On 18th June 2015, DG CRPF inaugrated the constructed wetland facility and agreed to propagate the same in other CRPF campus. This is aour first successful attempt under Swatch Bharat Programme

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