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National Science Day celebration on 27th February 2015

In his lecture on “Metals in Medicine and Therapy”, Prof. A. Srinivasan had talked about the cause, type, diagonosis, therapy of cancer and the role of metal ions associated in each stage. The emphasis was on nuclear magnetic resonance imaging technique, which is commonly known as MRI and usage of various organometallics as contrasting agents to investigate the anatomy and physiology of the malignancies. Out of several modes of treatment of cancer, the promising one is photodynamic therapy (PDT) which uses a light of a particular wavelength to excite the photosensitizer at the targeted location, that subsequently transfers energy to excite molecular oxygen and the highly energetic singlet oxygen in excited state destroy the infectious segment. The lecture too contained the implications of such existing techniques, thus, discussed about need and possibilities of development of newer methodologies and components for betterment of living beings.

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