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News & Events » MoU with RDCIS, SAIL, RANCHI

MoU with RDCIS, SAIL, RANCHI on 6th December, 2014.

At the outset, Dr. S.K. Biswal, Head, Mineral Processing Department welcomed the Director, CSIR-IMMT and all the dignitaries from RDCIS, SAIL, Ranchi who were present in this occasion. He also welcomed the scientists of MP Department who were present in the meeting. He requested to Prof. B.K. Mishra, Director, CSIR-IMMT to conduct the affairs of the meeting.

Prof. B.K. Mishra, Director, IMMT, Bhubaneswar, gave a brief outline on the long association of CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar with RDCIS, SAIL.He appreciated to Mr. S. S. Mohanty, Director(Project), SAIL, New Delhi for his continuous effort to make MOU between CSIR-IMMT and RDCIS, Ranchi. He also briefed about the efforts given by the Scientists to make visibility of Mineral Processing activities in national level. He also stressed that working together based on our potential, many problems related to raw materials like iron ore, coal, limestone etc. can be solved The present MOU with SAIL will surely open up a new way in the field of mineral processing research.

Dr. S. K. Biswal appreciated the views of Prof. B. K. Mishra and requested Dr. B. K. Jha, Executive Director (Incharge), RDCIS, Ranchi to give his views in this occasion.

Dr. B. K. Jha told that this MoU was long overdue since the Director (Technical), SAIL was pursuing it since long. He expressed his satisfaction as it has come to reality on today. He told that this MoU will definitely pave a new way in the field of research in mineral processing starting from dry beneficiation to recover the values from lean grade resources by wet process. It will also cover the development of the other. He thanked Mr. S. S. Mohanty, Director (Technical), SAIL, Prof. B. K. Mishra, Director, IMMT and Dr. S.K. Biswal, Head, Mineral Processing Dept., CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar for their fruitful efforts in signing this MOU.

Dr. S. K. Biswal thanked Dr. B. K. Jha for valuable views about MOU signing. Then Dr. Biswal expressed briefly about the major activities and facilities available in Mineral Processing Dept. He stressed that mineralogical characterisation, particle dynamics and fluid dynamics are the key factors to make success of the process in Mineral Processing activities. He briefed about the work carried out at CSIR-IMMT for different organizations in India as well as abroad. Then he requested to Mr. S. S. Mohanty to express his views in this occasions.

Mr.. Mohanty expressed his satisfaction over signing this MOU with CSIR-IMMT and told that it was long overdue as Mr. Jha told earlier. SAIL is the giant producer of steel in the world and this MOU will definitely boost the steel production of SAIL which materialized today. He told that the dry beneficiation is a novel technology and an humble beginning by IMMT. They are looking forward to beneficiate iron ore to utilize the low grade iron ore resources. He termed CSIR-IMMT a facility laboratory where not only research is done to benefit the industries and ministries of Government, but it produces a host of experienced manpower by way of their academic activities like , PGDME, M.Tech. and Ph.D. courses. It acts as a very good university. It is a place where research and academic activities run together. In the end he told that SAIL would give its full support to CSIR-IMMT in future.

The meeting came to an end when Dr. S.K. Biswal thanked the dignitaries from SAIL and Colleagues from IMMT.