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News & Events » CSIR-Foundation Day 2014

CSIR-Foundation Day 2014 on 26th September 2014

CSIR Foundation Day 2014 was celebrated at IMMT Bhubaneswar by organizing several events to mark the contribution of scientific and technological changes in the development of our society. Various competitions were organized among the staff and their wards to increase awareness about the need for constant R&D to bring in positive changes in our life and environment. Competitions were organized for the children studying in the campus based state government run school to promote awareness about science education.

On 26th September, the institute observed an open day for the public to visit the facilities and interact with the scientists. Around 400 school children belonging to secondary and higher secondary classes visited the laboratory and learnt about the exciting adventure of exploring nature with science.

In the afternoon, the foundation day function was held for recognizing the contributions of colleagues who completed 25 years of journey in CSIR and who have retired in the last year. An illuminating foundation day lecture on plasma synthesis of nano-carbon structures was delivered by Prof. A.K. Das, Vice-chancellor of Utkal University as part of the programme. Prof. B.K. Mishra, Director recounted the genesis and mission of CSIR and highlighted the need for doing R&D that helps the nation remain globally competitive and generates economic dividends. He called for renewed commitment and dedication in CSIR to make scientific knowledge and technological capability a cornerstone of our development paradigm.

In the evening a scintillating cultural programme was staged by our campus children that made everyone happy about the cultural heritage and vibrancy of our future generation.