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News & Events » Algal Raceway Pond Inaugration

Inauguration of the renovated Algal Raceway pond

Prof. B.K.Mishra, Director, CSIR-IMMT inaugurated the 240 thousand liter capacity outdoor algal growth facility at CSIR-IMMT premises. There are eight numbers of raceway ponds/ High Rate Algal Ponds, each with 30,000 L capacity with dimensions of 42 m x 2.73 m x 0.35 m made up of concrete and lined with enamel paint to provide smooth surface for microalgal growth in a closed circular loop. Each raceway pond consists of an agitation system (paddle wheels), CO2 sparging system (CO2 diffuser) and flow rate controlled system (baffles). The whole raceway pond facility is covered by transparent sheet to protect the growing algae from rain, dust and insect breeding contamination. At CSIR-IMMT, raceway pond facility is supported by an algal culture repository with 36 indigenous strains. Algal strain are being studied with respect to CO2 sequestration efficiency, effect of NPK nutrients, biomass yield and lipid production under large-scale cultivation.