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National Technology Day Celebration on 12th May, 2014


The “National Technology Day” was celebrated with an invited lecture by an eminent academician and researcher on atmospheric sciences, Prof. U. C. Mohanty of IIT Bhubaneswar, who has won national and international acclaim for his work on more accurate prediction of extreme weather events using computer based modeling and simulation tools.

Prof. Mohanty explained in lucid manner the reason behind occurrence of extreme weather events, and the difficulty in prediction of the apparently chaotic dynamics of weather in short, medium and long term. He however elucidated how with better models, greater computational power, more accurate multi-dimensional parametric inputs, the accuracy of weather prediction has been improving day by day. The benefit of such improvement was clearly demonstrated in the recent cyclone “Phailin” that struck Odisha coast. Because the time, location, spread and intensity of the cyclone could be predicted with impeccable accuracy, the damage to life and property could be minimized to a great extent. The lecture was well attended and Prof. Mohanty answered many searching questions on Global Warming, El-Nino effect, Monsoon dynamics, Prediction of Cloud burst etc.

Prof. Mohanty stressed the need for CSIR-IMMT and IIT Bhubaneswar to work together to develop socially relevant and economically important technologies for improving the lives of people. In the end Prof. B.K. Mishra, Director, CSIR-IMMT thanked him for delivering a lecture on such an important topic on prediction of extreme weather events which is of great importance to the people in general.