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CSIR-HRDG Faculty Motivation Programme


Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology Bhubaneswar had organized CSIR-HRDG faculty motivation programme for science teachers on 26th March 2014 with an objective of upgrading the knowledge base of participants in new and frontier areas of engineering and scientific domain. The invitational one-day programme had a motivational lecture by the Director,CSIR-IMMT on methodological teaching. Subsequent lecture by Dr. P. K.Panda, Dr. Y. S. Chaudhary and Dr. S. K.Singh were on research advancement in general and activities at CSIR-IMMT.

The participants from various schools and colleges of Bhubaneswar were exposed to Various advanced R&D facilities under the laboratory-visit module. An interactive session with Dr. B. S. Jena, Mr. S. K. Mishra and Mr. P. K. Ray had instigated the participants to inspire and promote research in frontier areas. Dr. B. Bag, convener, had summarized overall manifestation and overwhelming responses of the participants to conclude the essence of such programme of societal mission in nature.