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63rd Republic Day Celebration 2012


Republic day speech being delivered by Scientist-in-charge, Mr. P. S. R. Reddy. To-day, our country is celebrating 63rd Republic Day which is one of the special days for all of us. On this day, I would like to convey my best wishes to you and all your family members on behalf of Director. Before I speak few words to you, I offer my homage and full respect to all the brave soldiers those who have sacrificed their life to build this great nation. As we all know, our country obtained freedom on August 15, 1947, but the implementation of our constitution came into effect only on January 26, 1950. Our Parliament officially approved the constitution and declared itself as a "Republic" on January 26, 1950, a date thereafter celebrated every year as Republic Day in all parts of our country. We all know Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, had taken the path of non-violence to get freedom for India. However the violence and corruption is spreading like a cancer germ in many parts of our country hindering the development of the country. On this day, I would therefore request all of you not only to celebrate the republic day with high pride but we should also take some pledge for our Bharatha Mata and also to our laboratory. The Republic day pledge should be to fight against terrorism, corruption and promote integrity and non violence. In our laboratory I would say to all of you to stand for honesty and non-violence which is taught by Mahatma Gandhi, father of our nation. As a citizen of India, this is our duty to prevent the situations like terrorist attacks to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Gujarat or Bangalore, Mining scams and financial scams. It is good to say that, India has developed in science, education and technology. We have increased our raw material production in spite of much depletion of ores and minerals. We have increased our technical educations, IITS, IIMS have come up to fulfill the dreams of many youths. Our agricultural food production has increased to many folds( thanks to agriculture scientists), our milk production increased many fold, our television and entertainment channels has gone up from 1 to 150 , our mobile net work has reached to many villages, our polio and small pox is completely eradicated. In spite of that the nation has many challenges to face : poverty, malnutrition, quality competitive research for self sufficient, less import and more survival etc. The need of the our is innovative research to produce the quality products at competitive prices to export purpose and internal consumption to reduce imports from neighboring countries. So as a member of this small family IMMT, we have all specific duties to build the nation. Some of the challenges that the laboratory must accomplish in future days to come are
   1.12th five year plan project must be oriented with new goals for building up this nation. The outcome must be utilized by for upliftment and sustainable development
   2. We must give quality training and education to our youths so that they will come forward and encourage serving this laboratory in a better way. Learning should bring out the spirit of creativity in the young minds. Creativity gives knowledge. Knowledge is indeed an asset for the laboratory and the nation
   3.We must encourage devotional scientists who can bring pride to this laboratory. I congratulate the young scientist those who have brought some pride to our laboratory this year.

Congratulations to Ms Surabhi D Mudili, Dr. D. K. Sahu, Dr. Y.V.Chaudhary, Dr. S.K.Biswal and many others who have brought laurels to our Institute. IMMT presence was felt very much in recently held Indian Science congress. But still there are miles to go to achieve the highest position in CSIR Laboratories. The young scientists and technologists must come forward to this legacy with the help of some seniors to whom they believe as their patron.
    1.In spite of our carrier growth, I believe, we should work together for the better environment inside the laboratory. As the children of mother India, we should share our sorrows and happiness leaving behind the jealousy
    2.If our environment is good, we can work together for a remedial solution to industrial pollution or municipality garbage to convert them into wealth.
   3.Work for the unprivileged and underdeveloped part of this state as Prof B.K.Mishra is always dreaming to setup a IMMT centre at Koraput.
   4.I believe each one of us is a proud IMMTian, willing to work for the laboratory but the question is how to bring about unison in our efforts. One of the priority tasks according to me faced by us is to secure the unity through combined multidisciplinary research and work for the betterment of this nation

    5.I will argue, all should dream something for the betterment of this laboratory


Jai-Hind and Namaskar

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