Library » List Of Subscribed Indian Journals

Annals of Library & Information Studies
Asian J of  Microbiology
Biotechnology & Environmental Science
Bulletin of Materials Science
Chemical Engineering
World Chemical Industry Digest
Chemical Industry News
Chemical Weekly
Current Literature. Sc. of Science
Current Science
Doctors Desk Reference
Down to Earth
Eco. Taxonomic Botany
Ecology Environmental Conservation.
Elector India Electronics
Electrical India
Electronics For You
Everyman's Science
Fertiliser News
Ind. Min. Engineering J.
Indian Farming
Indian Forester
Indian Horticulture
Indian Journal of Agriculture Science
Indian Journal of Biochemistry. & Biophysics
Indian Journal of Biotechnology (Q)
Indian Journal of Chemical Technology (BM)
Indian Journal of Chemistry – Sec- B
Indian Journal of Chemistry – Sec-A (M)
Indian Journal of Engineering & Material Science
Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
Indian Journal of Forestry
Indian Journal of Marine Science
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
Indian Journal of Plant Physiology
Indian Journal of Pure & Appl Physics
Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
Indian Science Abstract Information Technology
Invention Intelligence
IRMA Journal
Journal of   Mines
Metals Fuels
Journal of  Astrophysics  & Astronomy
Journal of  Biosciences
Journal of  the Association of Physicians of India
Journal of Genetics
Journal of Geological Society of India
Journal of Indian Chemical Society
Journal of Intellectual Property Right
Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Biotechnology
Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research
Madras Agricultural Journal
Med. & Aromatic Plants Abstracts
Medicinal & Aromatic Plant Science
Metal Materials & Process
Minerals & Materials Review
Pollution Research
Pramana –Journal of Physics
Proceedings  Mathematical Science
Proceedings Chemical Sciences 
Proceedings Earth & Planetary Science
PTI Science Service
Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment
Resonance – Journal of Science Education
Sadhana – Engineering Sciences
Science & Culture Science
India ScienceReporter
Smart Inc.
SRELS Journal  of Information  Management
Steel Metallurgy
Swamy's News
TERI Newswire
The Antiseptic
The Fafai Journal
Transactions IIM
University News Vatis – Biotechnology
Vatis – Non-Conventional Energy
Vatis – Waste Technology