Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Cell (ESC) coordinates the Civil Engineering, Electrical, Telecommunication and General Maintenance activities of the laboratory building and staff quarters of IMMT. The main functions of ESC are to take up

 Evaluation of low grade ores and minerals to develop suitable flow sheets. 

 Installation and maintenance of water supply systems

 Carpentry and painting work

 Electrical fittings in the buildings and street lighting within the campus

 IMaintenance of AC plants, ACs, Generators, Water coolers and refrigerators

 General laboratory maintenance and maintenance of auditorium, meeting halls, conference rooms, etc.

 Reprographic work for the staff

Landscaping and periphery maintenance

 Maintenence of EPBAX and intercom systems.

People Cells Telephone Email
Er. H.K. Mishra S.E. (Civil) & Head ESD 9214
Electrical Maintenance
Er. K.B. Behera Exe. Engineer(Electrical) 9412
Er. G. K. Samal J.E (Electrical) 9412
Mr. Ashok Kumar Behera Sr. Technician-2 9247
Mr. B.C Patra
Technician-1 9247
Mr. Santosh Kisan
Technician-1 9311
Mr. Bibhuprasad Mahapatra
Technician-1 9166
Mr. Bihari Pradhan
Lab Asst. 9166
Mr. Rajkishor Sahoo
Lab Asst. 9247
Mr. Lal Prasad
Lab Asst. 9311
Civil Maintainance
Er. M.K. Sahoo Asst. Engineer (Civil) 9424
Er. D.R. Nayak Asst. Engineer (Civil) 9321
Er. A.K Rath Asst. Engineer (Civil) 9169
Mr. S.C Dash Asst. Gr.I 9223
Mr. J Behera Tech-I 9391
Mr. K.K. Barik Tech-I 9245
Mr. Y. P. Rao Lab Asst. 9391
Mr. S. Behera Lab Asst. 9391
Mr. K.C. Jena Lab Asst. 9245
Mr. B. Ojha Lab. Attandant(I) 9245
Mr. D.D. Parida Lab. Attandant(I) 9391
Mr. B.B. Pani Lab. Attandant(I) 9237
Mr. C.D. Bhoi Lab. Attandant(I) 9391
Telephone Maintenance
Er. G. K. Samal J.E (Electrical) 9412
Mr. S.K. Panda Technician(I) 9229
Mr. Binod Jena Lab. Attandant(I) 9499
Laboratory Maintenance(House Keeping & Lab)
Er. D.R. Nayak Asst. Engineer (Civil) 9321
Mr. Ranjit Sahoo Technician(I) 9442
Visual Maintenance(Aircondition & Audio)
Er. G. K. Samal J.E (Electrical) 9412
Mr. S.K. Panda Technician(I) 9229
Mr. Ranjit Sahoo Technician(I) 9442

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