Prof. B.K. Mishra graduated with a Bachelors degree in Metallurgical Engineering from NIT Rourkela, in 1981. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from University of Utah and continued there for his post-doctoral research. In the year 1993, he moved to IIT Kanpur to start his teaching career. In 2006 he moved to CSIR as the Director of Institute of Minerals & Materials Technology. He is recognized for his contribution in the field of minerals engineering. He is credited to have applied for the first time the discrete element method to solve minerals engineering problems. Prof. Mishra's research efforts at CSIR-IMMT have been directed both at applied and basic levels and his research group boasts to have links with all major mineral processing industries of India. Prof. Mishra is currently heading the Green Steel project of Ministry of steel which is the most important research assignment of his career. If this project becomes successful then it will usher in a green solution to iron making where powdered iron ore will be used in hydrogen plasma to produce iron; it will have steam as the byproduct.

Based on his teaching experience, Prof. Mishra had introduced a one-year PG Diploma Course in Minerals Engineering at CSIR-IMMT which has been drawing industry's attention. All batches of students are directly absorbed in the industry through campus placement.

Prof. Mishra has published over 120 SCI journal papers in minerals and materials engineering area. He is a member of the editorial board in two of the most referred mineral processing journals: International Journal of Mineral Processing and Minerals Engineering. He is the recipient of the National Mineral Award and is a fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering.

Experience :

Director: IMMT Bhubaneswar since 2006.
Teaching at IIT Kanpur from 1993 till 2005.
Adjunct Professor: Department of Metallurgical Engineering, University of Utah, USA since 2011.
Visiting Professor: Aston University, UK from July 1999 to July 2000.
Area of Interest:
Minerals Engineering—comminution and classification, bio-mineral processing, and gravity separation
Modeling—discrete element method and Monte Carlo method
Powders and particles
Awards & Honours :

Fellow of National Academy of Engineering
National Mineral Award
IIME Mineral Beneficiation Award
Fulbright Fellow, May-July 2002, University of Utah, USA
Think Odisha Leadership Award, 2012
Chairman of the Organizing Committee to host the IMPC 2012—International Mineral Processing Congress ( New Delhi, September 24-28, 2012.
AICTE-INAE Distinguished Professor, I.I.T Bhubaneswar
Member, editorial Board, International Journal of Mineral Processing, Elsevier Publications
Member, editorial board of Minerals Engineering (Elsevier)
Member, editorial Board, The Open Mineral Processing Journal, Bentham Science Publishers
Recent Publications :
C. Eswaraiah, S.I. Angadi, B.K. Mishra, Mechanism of particle separation and analysis of fishhook phenomenon in a circulating air classifier, Powder Technology, 218, 57-63, 2012. (IF 2.08)
N. Misra , M.C. Patra, P.K. Panda , L.B. Sukla and B.K. Mishra, Homology modeling and docking studies of FabH (ß-ketoacyl-ACP synthase III) 2 enzyme involved in type II fatty acid biosynthesis of chlorella variabilis – potential algal feedstock for biofuel production, Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics, 31 (3), 241-257, 2012. (IF 4.98)
P.K. Senapati, R. Mohapatra, G.K. Pani, B.K. Mishra, Studies on rheological and leaching characteristics of heavy metals through selective additive in high concentration ash slurry, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 229-230, 390-397, 2012. (IF=4.173).
P.K. Senapati, B.K. Mishra, Design considerations for hydraulic backfilling with coal combustion products (CCPs) at high solids concentrations, Powder Technology, 229, 119-125, 2012. (IF 2.08)
R.K. Dwari, D.S. Rao, A.K. Swar, P.S.R. Reddy, B.K. Mishra, Characterization of dolochar wastes generated by the sponge iron industry. International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials, 19(11) 992-1003, 2012. (IF=0.69).
S.K. Behera, S.K. Panda, N. Pradhan, L.B. Sukla, B.K. Mishra, Extraction of nickel by microbial reduction of lateritic chromite overburden of Sukinda, India, Bioresource Technology 125, 17-22, 2012. (IF=4.980)
P. Rajput, B. Bhoi, S. Sahoo, R.K. Paramguru, B.K. Mishra, Preliminary investigation into direct reduction of iron in low temperature hydrogen plasma. Iron Making and Steel making, 40(1), 61-68, 2013. (IF=0.559)
S.S. Rath, A. Pany, K. Jayasankar, A.K. Mitra, C.S. Kumar, P.S. Mukherjee, B.K. Mishra, Statistical modeling studies of iron recovery from red mud using thermal plasma, Plasma Science and Technology, 15 (5), 459-464, 2013. (IF=0.514)

 Refereed Journal :
Discrete Element Method
Gravity Separation
Particulates & Colloids
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