Prof. Suddhasatwa Basu, B.Tech., Ph.D.
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Description :
Prof. Suddhasatwa Basu completed Ph.D/MS in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore after obtaining B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from Calcutta University. He worked for five years as a Research Fellow and as a visiting faculty at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. Prior to taking over as the Director of CSIR-IMMT, he was Assoc Dean Research & Development, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and former Head of Chemical Engineering Department, IIT Delhi. He has vast work experience on development of Energy Materials and it’s application to energy conversion and storage devices, e.g., Fuel Cells, Supercapacitor and Battery, Electrolyser for Hydrogen generation by Water Splitting and CO2 Reduction to Organics. He worked on Oil-Sands Extraction in Alberta, Canada specializing in slurry transport and separation of oil and sands. Earlier to this, he worked on Colloids and Interfacial Phenomena particularly on De-emulsification and Removal Dye from wastewater. He has published in high impact journals (172, H-index 31), patents (5) and transferred technologies (2) to various industries and completed Rs 20 Cr worth of projects at IIT Delhi. He is a Fellow of National Academy of Science of India, and received Herdillia Award - Excellence in Basic Research in Chemical Engineering, Dr A. V. Rama Rao Foundation's Research Award in Chemical Engineering/Technology. He is Editor/Assoc Editor/Ed Board member of several international journals published by Willey, Springer, Elsevier and ACS.
Experience :
  • Director CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneshwar, Feb, 2018-present (on lien from IIT Delhi)
  • Professor (HAG, on lien): Dept. of Chem. Eng., IIT Delhi, New Delhi (2008 – present); Head of Chem. Eng. Dept (2012-2015); Assoc Dean R&D, IIT Delhi (2016 - Jan, 2018)
  • Chairman, Indian Institute Chemical Engineers, NRC (2012-2015)
  • Visiting Professors for a short period: University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; University of Alberta, Canada; Newcastle University, Australia; University of Karlsruhe (KIT) Germany
  • Assoc. Professor: Dept. of Chem. Eng., IIT Delhi, New Delhi (2005-2008)
  • Asst. Professor: Dept. of Chem. Eng., IIT Delhi, New Delhi (1998 – 2004)
  • Research Associates & Visiting Faculty: Dept. of Chemical & Material Eng., University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (1994 –1997) Research: Oil Sands Technology; Teaching: Process Sim & Num. Tech.
Area of Interest:
  • Material development for electrochemical storage for renewable energy system: Fuel Cell – PEMFC, SOFC, Hydrogen generation, Na-ion Battery, Super-capacitor
  • Interfacial & Electro-Chemical Eng. and Micro-Fluid Mechanics and their application in artificial photosynthesis, CO2 reduction to chemical fuel, Bio-sensing.
Awards & Honours :
  • Herdillia Award, Excellence in Basic Research in Chemical Engineering, IIChE 2016
  • Dr A. V. Rama Rao Foundation's Research Award in Chemical Engineering/Technology 2016
  • Research Excellence Award, The Indus Foundation Inc., USA and India 2016
  • Fellow of The National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI), 2015
  • Best paper award in Int Conf of Electrochem Soc of India, IISc Bangalore, Aug 7-9, 2014
  • ISEAC Journal publication award 2012 – 1st prize publication in peer reviewed international journal
  • Prof. R. D. Desai 80th Birthday Commemoration Medal & Prize, 2012, Indian Chemical Society
  • Fellow of Indian Chemical Society, 2012
  • Prof. Bal Krishna Memorial lecture - International Year of Chemistry, 48th Convention of Chemists, Indian Chemical Society, Dec 4, 2011
  • Fellow of Institute of Engineers, 2011
  • FITT award for best M.Tech./Ph.D. thesis 2010; Rs 40,000/- prize money shared with student A. Awasthi
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Calcutta University, 2010
  • Visiting Fellow, Royal Soc., UK, Univ. of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2008
  • DAAD faculty Research award on Fuel cell Tech., Univ. of Karlsruhe, Germany 2006
  • Visiting Prof./Sci Department of Chemical Eng., Univ. of Newcastle, Australia, 2005
  • Visiting Prof., Department of Chem. & Mat. Eng., Univ. of Alberta, Canada 2000, 2002
Recent (2017-18) Publications (H-index 29):
  • M. Merajul Islam, Rama D. Tentu, and Suddhasatwa Basu, Synthesis of g-C3N4/ZnGa1.9Al0.1O4Heterojunction UsingNarrow and Wide Band Gap Material for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting, Chemistry Select 3, 486-494 (2018)
  • Nimai Bhandary, Pravin P. Ingole, Suddhasatwa Basu, Electrosynthesis of Mn-Fe oxide nanopetals on carbon paper as bi-functional electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reaction Int J hydrogen Energy 43 (2018) 3165-3171
  • P. Lund, Z. Bin, Li, Yong-Dan; S Yun, Nasibulin, Albert; R Raza, M. Leskelä, Ni, W. Meng, C. Yan, F. Gang, K. Liangdong, Jung-Sik, Suddhasatwa Basu, T. Kallio, I. Pamuk, Standardized Procedures Important for Improving Single-Component Ceramic Fuel Cell Technology, ACS Energy Lett. 2 (12), 2752–275 (2017)
  • Rama Devi Tentu, Suddhasatwa Basu, Photocatalytic Water Splitting For Hydrogen Production, Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 5, 56–62 (2017)
  • Ieeba Khan, Pankaj K Tiwari, Suddhasatwa Basu Analysis of Ceria Carbonate Composite Electrolytes for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Ionics 24, 211-219 (2018)
  • Rahul Pal and Suddhasatwa Basu, Low temperature synthesis of copper manganese oxide-polyaniline composite: Electrochemical characterizations for oxygen reduction reaction in acid media, Ferroelectrics, 519, 1–10 (2017)
  • Nimai Bhandary, Pravin P. Ingole and Suddhasatwa Basu, Facile Solid-State Synthesis of Ag/g-C3N4 Reinforced Graphene Oxide for Enhanced Electrocatalysis of Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Fuel Cell, Chemistry Select, 2 (26) 8151–8157 (2017) DOI: 10.1002/slct.201700926
  • Neetu Kumari, M A Haider, Suddhasatwa Basu, Reduction of CO2 to CO in presence of H2 on strontium doped lanthanum manganite cathode in solid oxide electrolysis cell, J Chem Sci 129 (11) 1735–1740 (2017)
  • Praduman Arora, Aadesh P. Singh, Bodh R. Mehta, Suddhasatwa Basu, Metal doped tubular carbon nitride (tC3N4) based hematite photoanode for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance, Vacuum, 146, 570-577 (2017)
  • Puneet Yadav and Suddhasatwa Basu, An Integrated Device for Converting Water, Carbon Dioxide and Light into Electricity and Organics, J. Electrochem Soc, 164 (11) E3406-E3417 (2017)
  • Ieeba Khan, Muhammad Imran Asghar, Peter D Lund, Suddhasatwa Basu, High conductive (LiNaK)2 CO3Ce0.85Sm0.15O2 electrolyte compositions for IT-SOFC applications, Intl J of Hydrogen Energy,42(32), 20904-20909 (2017)
  • Pankaj Kr. Tiwari, Xiangling Yue, John T. S. Irvine, and Suddhasatwa Basu, La and Ca-Doped A-Site Deficient Strontium Titanates Anode for Electrolyte Supported Direct Methane Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, J. of Electrochem Soc, 164 (9) F1030-F1036 (2017)
  • Srabanti Ghosh, Nimai Bhandary, Suddhasatwa Basu and Rajendra N Basu, Synergistic effects of polypyrrole nanofibers and Pd nanoparticles for improved electrocatalytic performance of Pd/PPy nanocompistes for ethanol oxidation, Electrocatalysis, 8(4) 329-339, (2017)
  • Appan Roy Chowdhury, Arneish Prateek, Suddhasatwa Basu, Sandip K Jha Tyrosinase Conjugated Prussian Blue Modified Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles Based Interface for Selective Detection of Dopamine, ChemistrySelect 2, 6118-6128 (2017)
  • M. Bello, S.M.J. Zaidi,A. Al-Ahmed, S. Basu, D.-H. Park,K.S. Lakhi,A. Vinu, Pt-Ru nanoparticles functionalized mesoporous carbon nitride with tunable pore diameters for DMFC applications, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 252, 50-58 (2017)
  • Smita Kumar, Sandeep Malyan, Suddhasatwa Basu and Narsi R Bishnoi, Syntrophic association and performance of Clostridium, Desulfovibrio, Aeromonas and Tetrathiobacter as anodic biocatalyst for bioelectricity generation in dual chamber microbial fuel cell, Environ Sci and Pollut Res 24 (19),16019–16030 (2017)
  • Harikrishnan N. and Suddhasatwa Basu, Regeneration of CO poisoned Pt black Anode catalyst in PEMFC using Break-in procedure and KMnO4 solution, Int J Hydrogen Energy, 42(37) 23814-23820 (2017)
  • Ravi Tejasvi, Suddhasatwa Basu, Formation of thin film like assembly of exfoliated C3N4 nanoflakes by solvent non-evaporative method using centrifuge, Appl Surface Sci. 424(1) 9-14 (2017)
  • Amandeep Jindal, Harikrishnan N., Suddhasatwa Basu, Direct Formic Acid PEM Fuel Cell with Electrospun Carbon Nitride Nanofibers as Cathode Catalyst, Fuel Cells, 17(3) 407–411 (2017) DOI: 10.1002/fuce.201600209 (highlighted in back cover)
  • Baijnath, Suddhasatwa Basu, Fabrication and Electrochemical Performance of La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 Impregnated Porous YSZ Cathode, Ionics 23, 2543–255 (2017)
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  • Suchita Dhankhar, Pankaj Tiwari, K. Baskar, Suddhasatwa Basu, Shubra Singh, Effect of low cobalt doping on morphology and properties of calcium ferrite and its application as cathode in Solid oxide Fuel cell, Current Applied Physics, 17 467-473 (2017) DOI:10.1016/j.cap.2017.01.008
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