Central Characterization Cell

The Cell (CCC) coordinates the utilization of sophisticated instruments for rendering analytical and testing services.

Dr. Bibhuranjan Nayak
Desig: Sr. Principal Scientist
Contact(Ext): 9441
Contact(Mob): 9431302530
Email: bibhu@immt.res.in

Dr. Manas Kumar Dalai
Desig: Scientist
Contact(Ext): 9445
Contact(Mob): 9717158896
Email: dalaimk@immt.res.in

Dr. S. K. Mishra
Desig: Sr. Tech. Officer(3)
Contact(Ext): 9224
Contact(Mob): 9437206258
Email: sk_mis@immt.res.in

Dr. Jasobanta Das
Desig: Sr. Technical Officer (2)
Contact(Ext): 9419
Contact(Mob): 9861361644
Email: jdas@immt.res.in

Mr. Bibhudatta Pradhan
Desig: Sr. Technical Officer (2)
Contact(Ext): 9363
Contact(Mob): 9437044378
Email: bibhudatta@immt.res.in

Mr. Ajit Dash
Desig: Tech. Asst.
Contact(Ext): 9146
Contact(Mob): 9238577806
Email: ajitdash@immt.res.in

Mr. Debadatta Sahoo
Desig: Tech. Asst.
Contact(Ext): 9452
Contact(Mob): 9437335469
Email: dsahoo@immt.res.in

Mr. Jogeswar Sahu
Desig: Tech. Asst.
Contact(Mob): ): 8895275344
Email: jsahu@immt.res.in

Ms. Geetikamayee Padhy
Desig: Tech. Asst.
Contact(Ext): 9155
Contact(Mob): 9778215992
Email: geetika@immt.res.in

Ms. Swagatika Mohanty
Desig: Tech. Asst.
Contact(Ext): 9449
Contact(Mob): 9438213832
Email: swagatika@immt.res.in

Bhubaneswar Area Scientific Events