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Quality Policy

                                                    CSIR – Institute of Minerals and Materials
                                                    Technology, Bhubaneswar is committed to
                                                    adopt Quality Management Principles in
                                                    pursuing world-class basic and applied
                                                    research leading to the development of
                                                    energy-efficient, environment-friendly and
                                                    competitive technologies for effective
                                                    utilization of mineral and other natural
                                                    The Institute of shall systematically and
                                                    continually improve its quality management
                                                    policy to achieve success in a complex,
                                                    demanding and ever changing system in
                                                    addressing the needs and expectations of its
                                                    stakeholders, while fulfilling the industrial,
                                                    societal, statutory and regulatory norms.

                                                                                         Prof. B. K. Mishra
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