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Current News

  • Hearty Congratulations !! Mr. Abinash Prusty, Research Scholar, M.C. Dept. has received  the Best Poster Presentation Award and Cash Prize in the 37th Convention of OPS and NSRPTA.

  • Hearty Congratulations !! Dr. Umakanta Subudhi awarded V.B.KAMAT AWARD for Best Oral Presentation by Mid-Level Scientiest during 39th Annual Conference of IACR, 2020.

  • Hearty Congratulations !! Ms. Priyanka Mukherjee has received the "Best Poster Award and cash prize" on the Poster entitled " A foresight to synthesis of ammoniojarosite bearing 3D cavity and its electrochemical behaviour in presence of Arsenic" at the 6th International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology ,Indian Institute of Technology Guwahat

  • Hearty Congratulations!! Ms.Sandhaya Kumari has received the First Edition of Prof. A S Khanna Endowment Fund in Best Ph.D for the year 2019 for Excellence in Surface Engineering & Corrosion Protection

  • Hearty Congratulations !! Ms. Aparna Prabha Devi has received the "Best Poster Award" on the topic entitled " Bio-inspired approach to study the growth of silver nanoparticles on graphene oxide sheet for photo-reduction of chromium (VI)" in the international conference on “Nanomaterials for energy, environment and Sustainability (ICNEES-2019)”, organized by Centre for nanoscience and nanotechnology, ITER, SOA University

  • Hearty Congratulations!! Mr. Snehasis Behera and Mr. N. Chinnadurai , received runnersup awards in Thacker Memorial Lawn Tennis Tournament 2019